Review Policy

I’d just like to straighten out a few things in this section about reviews I will be writing and books submitted for reviewing.

I’ll quite happily read anything – literally anything – but I probably lean more towards contemporary and fantasy genres, though I a sucker for a good romance novel every once in a while. However, I am open to reading novels out with these categories and enjoy exploring different genres.

Review Copies I Will Accept
  • MOBI eBook
  • ARC
  • Galley
  • Finished copy

Indie Authors: I am open to reviewing independently published books, so please shoot me an email at

ProMo: If I can’t review your book for whatever reason, I would still love to consider it for a ProMo post. You can find out more about this at it’s official page 🙂

Rating System

  It’s a no from me (I usually don’t finish these books).

  Mostly disliked but it had some redeeming qualities.

  Pretty middle of the road.

  Enjoyed thoroughly but lacking in some aspects.

  Love, love, LOVE – would highly recommend to all.

  • If a book is sent to me to be reviewed, this will be stated at the beginning of the blog post. 
  • I will try to post said reviews within a timely fashion of its release date although this cannot be guaranteed due to other commitments.
  • Everything I post on this blog is 100% my own thoughts and opinions. As a result of this, books submitted for review cannot be guaranteed a positive assessment. 
  • I will never intentionally bash an author or say anything derogatory in my posts.
  • I am open to hosting book tours or giveaways, so get in contact with me if you’d like me to do this for your book/publication.
  • I post mini reviews on Goodreads at my own discretion.
  • Lastly, any illustrations or gifs included in my posts are more than likely taken from somewhere else (Google/Reaction Gifs etc). However, the images used on this blog will either be my own or from a free stock photo website (Pexels, Unsplashed, KaboomPics, StockSnap or Pixabay), unless I state so otherwise.

I can be contacted at:

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