ProMo (Promotional Monday’s)

ProMo (Promotional Monday’s) is an original segment created and hosted by myself, Shannon, from the blog Wanderess Bibliophile. You can find out all about ProMo in the details below 🙂

What is ProMo?

We’ve all been there… wanting to read an incredible sounding book but not being able to because there just isn’t enough time in the world! I always feel so horrible when this happens, especially when authors reach out for me to review their novels, because I love finding new books and authors and sharing my opinions with all of you lovely people. Fortunately, I’ve come up with an idea to solve this issue (sort of). ProMo is a place where I get to share with you some of these books which I don’t have time to read but would still like to give a little spotlight on my blog, incase you think it sounds good and would like to pick it up. These posts are going to include the book’s details and an author interview. Oh, and they’ll always be posted on Monday’s! 🙂



As stated above, I will be sharing some of the book’s details with you. These details will usually include;

  • Book title
  • Author name
  • Book genre
  • Publish date
  • Publisher name
  • Number of pages
  • Where to find the book online (Amazon, Goodreads etc)
  • Book synopsis
  • A little bit about the author (and where you can find them online)
  • And… an author interview!

The questions used for the interview will be a standard set and include;

  1. Let’s get to know you better, what’s a random fact about yourself?
  2. What made you want to become a writer?
  3. For all of us non-writers, where do you find your inspiration from?
  4. What’s the thing you most love and hate about writing?
  5. Who is your all-time favourite author and why?
  6. How many books, novellas, short stories etc have you written? Tell us a little bit about them and where we can find them.
  7. What are you currently working on? What’s it about? 
  8. And finally, what is your favourite genre to write about and why?

Along with all of this info, the author can also request any additional links etc to be added to the post as they see fit. Hopefully, with all of the above information, you will get a general feel for the book and whether or not it is something you’d like to add to your TBR pile 🙂

Get Involved…

If you are an author and would like your book to be featured in a ProMo post then please shoot me an email ( If I think your book is something which my audience would like then I’d love to consider it for a ProMo post! 🙂

ProMo Archive 

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