Wandering Melbourne #5: Sea Life Centre & Zoo | 2017

Hello lovelies! I absolutely adore animals, so there was no way that I wasn’t going to visit the aquarium and zoo whilst in Melbourne! They have a selection of animals over here that we don’t have back home in Scotland as well, which was so nice to see and experience. 

Sea Life Centre

I know that Sea Life centres across the globe are pretty standard, but I always like going anyway because water creatures are so graceful and intriguing. I even found Dory on my travels (it was so difficult to get a non-blurry picture, but I finally managed it haha)!


One of my favourite creatures of the deep are jelly fish. I know they’re a bit weird, and will sting you if you accidentally stand on them on the beach, but they’re so beautiful and intriguing to observe.  The way they float through the water seamlessly continues to amaze me and I found myself completely taken aback by just how stunning the ones in this particular aquarium are.




Another favourite of mine, which I was so excited to see, were the penguins! Who doesn’t love penguins, they’re absolutely adorable! They were so well behaved, and looked like they were having lots of fun splashing around in the water – which made me overly happy to see.




The only draw back to this aquarium is the amount of little kids running around, which made it quite difficult to get decent photos but it didn’t bother me to the point that it lessened my experience. A full adult ticket for Sea Life here costs $41.50, but some money can be saved if you buy your ticket online, instead of when you show up at the aquarium itself! This really is a must see, you can’t miss those penguins!

Melbourne Zoo

The day I visited the zoo, there was clear skies and 36 degree heat (so basically I was sweating from everywhere possible, and at one point I was actually concerned that I might melt away). Because of this, and the fact that I went here with a friend, I didn’t take as many pictures as I did at the aquarium 😦 But I still got a few good ones!




That poor wombat was also definitely feeling the heat haha. The highlights of the zoo for me had to be the elephants and the Australian little penguins though (how predictable, I know). The penguins because… well.. they’re penguins, they’re adorable and just so little, look!



And the elephants… well, they went swimming with each other while I was there and I nearly died of cuteness overload (maybe a little bit of sun stroke too).

So so so adorable! The price for a ticket to the zoo is actually cheaper than the aquarium, and you spend way more time here so this is brilliant for a whole family day out (maybe go on a day that is slightly overcast and less hot though, because there’s a lot of walking involved!). The standard adult price for entry is $31.60 (since I had my student card, I got in for even cheaper!).

How cute are the little fishes and animals though? Ah, I want to go back right now haha! I also hope that video of the elephants going for a little swim cheered you all up (it makes me smile every time I watch it) and please consider visiting these places yourself, you won’t regret it. Have a lovely day guys! 🙂shannon

3 thoughts on “Wandering Melbourne #5: Sea Life Centre & Zoo | 2017

  1. Lovely photos! You must have had a great visit to the aquarium. We have a good one in nearby Houston, and I haven’t been. Shame on me! The Houston Zoo is wonderful too. I have chaperoned a couple of field trips there, and the local forecaster on TV shows how the animals are enjoying the local weather when the temps are as balmy as they were today. Just an aside, I received a pair of penguin house slippers as a combination BD/Christmas present (delivered on Jan. 11th) when I had a friend over for lunch. We were overdue for a girlfriend-reunion. It was great!

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