Wandering Melbourne #4: Points of Interest | 2017

Hello lovelies!  More touristy Melbourne attractions to show and tell you about today 🙂 I’ve been enjoying my time as a tourist here so much, how could I not share this information with you all??

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Whilst in the city I visited St. Paul’s Cathedral on Swanston Street. I’m not a particularly religion person, but I can appreciate wonderful architecture and beautifully crafted decor when I see it. It was built over a number of years, from 1852 to 1926 and is still a fully functioning church – hosting mass, weddings etc. Here’s some snaps I took of the inside:







It’s an absolutely stunning cathedral, and I really enjoyed wandering around and taking these lovely pictures. It’s definitely something that needs shown off! This beautiful place is also free to enter (which is always a plus in my book!).

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

Next up, I visited the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (which completely surprised me, in the best way possible). This is a sort of museum, opened in 2002, situated in Federation Square, which showcases everything film related – Australian and not. So it takes you through the generations of film making and how the industry has developed over time. It also has some super cool exhibitions, and lots of interactive boards and screens for kids and adults to mess around with. It is definitely worth a visit, even if you’re not a major film buff (I still had fun wandering around! (((and it is also free admission, wooo!).






Lastly, following on from these other attractions, I took a trip downtown to Melbourne’s own Chinatown. I particularly love strolling through these areas in city’s because of the distinct decor and unique little restaurants and grooves they contain – I also appreciate learning about other cultures and their customs. Chinatown in Melbourne is actually the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the western world and dates back to roughly the 1850s. So cool, right? I didn’t even realise this until I took a trip here.





If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne, I’d highly suggest penciling these places into your plan – you definitely don’t want to miss experiencing them for yourself! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day 🙂shannon

12 thoughts on “Wandering Melbourne #4: Points of Interest | 2017

  1. I loved reading your post and seeing your photos! I will be visiting Melbourne next month and am planning on visiting all of the places you have mentioned:) Any other recommendations? Or tips to know before going?


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