Wandering Melbourne #3: Eureka Tower | 2017

Hello lovelies! I’ve been quite the tourist the past few days in Melbourne city – you know, the ones who walk around with a camera and a map (looking very confused and flustered). I’ve been getting the tram from St Kilda, right into the city centre, and visiting a few of the city’s most popular attractions. So that you don’t get bored with a super long post all about the city, I’m going to be documenting these landmarks in small groups or alone. 

One of the first things I did after arriving in Melbourne city for the first time was hop on the sightseeing bus. This is always one of the first things I think of doing in any unfamiliar place because it helps me catch my bearings and gives me a better idea and background of the city I’m in. The bus I got on went into great depth, with 25 stops, and audio commentary of the places we were driving to and past. 


One of the stop offs en route was Eureka Tower, Melbourne’s tallest building. This building has such an interesting historical past, and I absolutely fell in love with the sights from the viewing platform on the top level. Look at how stunning it is!


This building is 975ft tall, and has an undisturbed 360 degree view over the whole city. You can literally see everything from up there, and it’s all so clear as well – totally worth the $20 entry fee! Here’s some of the pictures I took of the view, but I was taking these pictures through glass, so they’re not the best quality (sorrrrrrry).



Here’s some other fun facts about the tower that I got from the official Sky Deck website, in case you want some further information!

  • Eureka Skydeck 88 is the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere
  • The top of the Tower can flex up to 600mm in high winds
  • There are two 300,000-litre water tanks on level 90 & 91 prevent any excess swaying
  • 3,680 stairs – 92 storeys – 52,000 sq. metres of windows
  • The glass on Eureka’s top 10 levels is 24 carat gold plated
  • Eureka used 110,000 tonnes of concrete and weighs 200,000 tonnes

Melbourne is definitely one of my favourite cities now and I’m enjoying my time here so much. Because it is a fairly new city (in comparison to back home in Scotland, anyway), the buildings are all modern and match each other perfectly, which is so aesthetically pleasing on the eye! Even just wandering around the streets, I find myself stumbling upon the most interesting places and beautiful little spots. The skyline at night and during the day is also absolutely impeccable – here’s a picture which I totally wish I had taken, so you can see for yourself!


If you ever visit Melbourne (which you definitely should), make sure Eureka Tower is at the top of your to do list! Have a lovely day guys 🙂shannon

10 thoughts on “Wandering Melbourne #3: Eureka Tower | 2017

  1. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos! Have wonderful memories of Melbourne from my trip in 2000. The city reminded me a little of Boston and San Francisco. We took the trams everywhere and got a little confused but people were very nice and helped us along. We also did a trip over to Philips Island one night, to see the Littlest Penguins come in from the sea and go up into the cliffs to stay the night!

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    1. Do you know if the city’s changed much in the last 17 years? Because it’s so modern I feel like it could be quite a noticeable difference! I’ve seen the Little penguins at the zoo and they are absolutely adorable, I hope to catch them on St Kilda pier at some point too:)


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